Vintage Chewing Tin Belt Buckle

  • $35.00

Yes. It's real. And cool. This is an authentic vintage blue tin that we've turned into a unique, custom belt buckle for men or women. Think one-of-a-kind birthday gift for him (or her). Wear a bit of waist around your waste with this recycled art.

Custom belt buckle for men or women.  Wearable, recycled art to brighten up your jeans or dressy outfit. Think 10 year Tin Anniversary presents too!

We hand-craft these unique custom designer belt buckles made from vintage tins.  We hand shape the tin and then securely set it into our silver belt buckles. 

Our belt buckles measure 3" x 2" and can be interchanged using our recycled bike tire belts made from bike inner tubes (sold separately here at Red Dove Studios)  or with a leather belt of your own measuring up to 1 ½” wide.